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Our story

On-board dining is an increasingly complex process and current catering solutions do not deliver complete budget control, chef empowerment, and crew satisfaction because companies only focus on product procurement. But no matter how cost-effective a company’s purchasing is, if the products are not tied to a specific menu, chefs do not use them in the most optimal way, leading to product waste and budget overruns.

Since the entire dining process is currently managed by the chef, variances in each chef’s culinary and management abilities cause variations in food quality, crew dissatisfaction, and poor cost control. Without controlling the entire dining process, shipping companies cannot benchmark and analyze chef performance, product use, and cost behavior throughout the dining process.

Our approach

Seahost manages the entire on-board dining process: from designing custom menus for your crews to buying fresh products around the world and helping your chefs prepare phenomenal dining experiences. We provide your chefs with all the culinary infrastructure and support they need to successfully meet the diverse dining needs of their crew members: from multicultural to health and allergy-related.

Our unique dining platform not only produces extraordinary dining experiences on board but also delivers total budget control and complete cost transparency for each vessel. This way, you know exactly where every dollar is being spent and - more importantly - why.

Our team of culinary experts has extensive experience in restaurant management, dining management for merchant and military vessels, and large-scale institutional dining. Trained at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration - the world’s leading institution for hospitality management - our team has created a dining platform that empowers your chefs, uncovers your true food cost, and produces extraordinary dining experiences.

1. Procurement Management

Seahost’s menu-driven procurement system is radically more efficient in sourcing high quality products at affordable prices. The system enables our procurement experts to negotiate with suppliers product by product and secure the optimal product-price mix in each port around the world. And because every product we purchase is tied to a specific dish, Seahost can forecast product use better, reduce food waste, and optimize the vessel’s food budget.

2. Inventory Management

Seahost manages inventory on behalf of chefs and frees up time for them to focus on their culinary tasks. Core to Seahost’s inventory management system is the ability to compare ideal to actual product use on board and identify variance problems. This high-level usage analysis yields unprecedented accountability, eliminates specific sources of food waste, and identifies systemic problems with product use on board.

3. Food Production Management

Seahost partners with chefs and empowers them to prepare exceptional meals on board. We provide your chefs with world-class culinary expertise - around the clock and around the globe.

At the heart of Seahost’s dining platform is a unique menu-planning system that is profoundly more personal to the needs of each crew member. Our system makes it easy for chefs to design custom-tailored menus based on crew-member nationality, dietary restrictions, or existing allergies on board. This helps protect crew health and increases crew satisfaction and productivity.

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Implement hospitality expertise and quality standards to improve the lifestyle of seafarers and secure financial success for shipping companies.


Establish the industry standard for quality and effectiveness in maritime food management.


Our values translate our passion for food and hospitality into a daily commitment to supporting shipping companies’ success and improving crews' lifestyles.



We challenge established ways of doing business and introduce new, more effective solutions to on-board dining.



We apply world-class culinary expertise to help chefs create extraordinary dining experiences and drive financial success for shipping companies.



We proactively contribute to the happiness, health, and comfort of our guest crew members.