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Seahost offers a revolutionary approach to onboard dining that is substantially more efficient and profoundly more personal to the needs of each crew member. We run financially robust restaurant operations on board that drive financial success for shipping companies and improve the lifestyle of crew members. Below are some of the key benefits of our dining platform.

For our clients:

  • Total budget control - Seahost secures your dining budget by managing the entire dining process and tracking the cost of every meal served on board.
  • Complete transparency - See where your dollars are being spent, learn the true food cost of each ship, and take advantage of all supplier discounts and cost reductions.
  • Reduced overhead costs - Lower the administrative costs associated with provision procurement and invoice processing and eliminate CTM costs.
  • Advanced procurement capability - Source products more effectively with our unique procurement system.
  • In-person audits and training - Take advantage of on-board audits and targeted training conducted by Seahost’s culinary team.
  • Personal concierge - Work with a dedicated Seahost representative who understands your business goals and your crews' dining needs.

For the chef on board:

  • World-class culinary expertise - Trained at the world’s leading hospitality management institution, Seahost’s culinary professionals provide chefs with unparalleled culinary support around the clock and around the globe.
  • Chef empowerment - Seahost helps chefs reach their full potential by reducing stress, increasing productivity, and helping them serve great meals on board.
  • Streamlined user experience - Seahost’s dining platform is easy to implement and simplifies day-to-day operations for chefs.
  • Advanced menu planning - Chefs can easily plan multiple menus from Seahost’s database of standardized recipes, covering all nationalities, nutritional content, dietary restrictions, and allergen content.
  • Personal culinary assistant - Chefs are assigned a personal culinary assistant who knows the specific dietary needs and preferences of the crew.
  • Special event management - We help chefs plan and carry out event celebrations on board.

For the crew:

  • Fully customized dining - Healthy and delicious meals on board consistent with each crew’s specific dietary needs and desires.
  • Hospitality - Seahost’s team works hard to bring joy, health, and comfort to our guest crew members.
  • Complimentary lifestyle programs - Seahost enhances crew members’ lives not only through food but also through complimentary onboard entertainment and fitness programs.

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